What makes CAROLYNE BARRY’s workshops one of the top acting programs and truly unique is her extensive experience and knowledge of the business and the craft from in front of and behind the camera. She believes that, “Good commercial acting is good acting, with less time to prepare, no pauses, more script specifics and the need to have the actor’s personality immediately accessed. That is why Carolyne has designed an Actor’s Workshop Program that features three levels of Acting and Improv classes as well as her signature Commercial Audition Technique classes, plus numerous one-of-a-kind specialty workshops. Each workshop deals specifically with the information, specifics and techniques inherent in the designated area of training. And they all work together, sharing the same philosophy to produce the complete professional actor. Whether it’s the Commercial, Acting or Improvisation workshops, to develop individuals to do their best work, Carolyne Barry and her teachers have a unified goal:

Teach actors to be present, motivated and connected to the material, themselves and the other actors that they work with. As well as to focus on building each actor’s confidence and freedom so that they can express their individual styles and personalities.

Carolyne believes that the best way for an actor to get work in Commercials and TV is to see someone who offers them something they have to have. Many times it’s not the way the role was initially intended to be cast. So the actor shouldn’t be concerned with the end result but their own creative process (within the realm of what is appropriate for the role). No actor can read the minds of the decision- makers. All they can do is do their best work and be 100% freed up and present. Chances must be taken to grow in any area of our life. And sometimes along with risks comes failure. It’s an integral part of any learning process. We only learn from our failures. Therefore, Ms. Barry has created workshop that give actors a safe place to fail as well an environment that motivates them to take chances and grow.

Ms. Barry and her teachers pride themselves in her ability to teach, empower and motivate every actor that participates in their programs.