Each potential student is ask to interview and read with Carolyne Barry before signing up for a workshop(s). This is to determine what the actor needs to work on and which workshop and level will best serve them. Also, if requested, Ms. Barry will design an individualized 6 month to one year program for the student.


Potential students can audit Acting and Commercial workshops one time. The Improvisation workshops allow no auditing (except for the Performance Improv I and II shows that is done at the end of each workshop).
Once an actor gives their deposit for a class they can audit the Acting and Commercial workshops as often as they like – at the teacher’s discretion.


All workshops require a $ 150 deposit. The balance can be paid the first night, either in full or in two payments. (One check for 1/2 the balance dated the first night, and one check for the other 1/2 of the balance will be postdated for the date of the fourth class.)

Students will be called by the class assistant two weeks before the start date of the workshop and will be confirmed. Once the student is confirmed , their deposit check will be deposited. If the student chooses to cancel out of the class in the next six days, their check will be credited to the next session of that class (and the next session only). They will lose their depositf if they cancel out seven days prior to the start of the class or do not attend the first night.


If the student is unable to attend the first night of their workshop, they must send the balance of the money due to Carolyne Barry, five days prior to the start of the workshop or lose their deposit and place in the class.


To insure there is never more than the designated number of students in a class, officially, there is no guaranteed make-up classes. But if the student shows up in the next session for the Commercial workshop (not the Scene Study or Improvisation) that was missed and one or two of the registered students are not in attendance and the teacher is not dealing with a major problem that is overly time consuming, then the student can do a make-up. (About 80 % of the time there is at least one missing student. So the chances of making up a class are good, BUT students are encouraged to try not to miss. Training consistently does the most to serve the acting process and development.)

If a few people show to make up a class and there is only one available spot than the students can either decide who will get it or split the class. And if the class is at capacity, they can audit and try again.


Whenever, a student has to be late or miss a class, they must call the Class Assistant (ideally at least an hour before the class). Besides, that it is professional and courteous, it helps the teacher to pace the class and not be concerned that anything may have happened to the missing student.


Once you have completed any of the Commercial workshop, and if you would like to stop in and take a class, (even if you never missed any), you are invited back. For no cost, once an eight week session and only if there is a paid student(s) not in attendance and there is no one making up a class, you can participate in the level or a lower level of the commercial class in which you were a student.


If, for any reason, you choose to cancel out of the class after the first night, (except for the Packaging Class) you have 24 hours to contact Carolyne Barry in writing and your balance will be refunded. After that first 24 hours you can not cancel out of any workshop.


The classes start at 7:00 p.m and end around 11:00 (Mon – Thurs nights)  and on Sunday from 6:30 to 10:30pm