Carolyne Barry Acting Workshops


tba, 2016

This workshop is designed to strengthen an appreciation of Shakespeare’s writing and develop an ease in speaking complex text. Each week students explore the rhythms and language, learning tools that can be applied to any theatrical or commercial audition. At the end of six weeks, each student will have two classical monologues to add to their repertoire.

The teacher, Kimberly Jürgen, developed her approach to Shakespeare’s text from her Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts’ instructors and further solidified her technique while directing or performing in dozens of Shakespeare productions. These techniques are applied each week to sonnets, monologues, scenes and cold reading. That’s right, students will learn to cold read Shakespeare, tools which can be applied to any audition copy.

  • Eight Students
  • $300  for this six week workshop
  • Kimberly Jürgen teaches

Carolyne Barry Scene Study Workshops