Carolyne Barry Acting Workshops


Saturdays, April 18, 2015 w/ Don Bloomfield

This intensive and comprehensive twelve session workshop was designed for the new actor. It offers the fundamentals essential to develop the skills necessary to become a quality working actor. In the first four weeks, exercises and techniques will be introduced to develop the foundation of acting. In the second four weeks, the teacher, Mr. Bloomfield, will work on original monologues. And in the last four weeks, he will start the basic Meisner work. Actors will participate in every class. After the initial twelve sessions, actors may be invited to participate in the Studio I Scene Study workshop on an ongoing/monthly basis.

  • Twenty-two Students
  • $505  for this twelve week workshop
  • Saturdays 11am-3pm
  • Don Bloomfield or Joshua Bitton teaches

Carolyne Barry Scene Study Workshops



Studio 1/2  w/Don Bloomfield, Tuesday and Thursday, on-going 7pm -11pm and Wednesday on-going 6pm-10pm and Sundays on-going 5pm-9pm

Studio 1/2  w/ Josh Bitton, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, on-going 7pm -11pm

These ongoing workshops focus on cultivating the actor’s skills and emotional freedom utilizing personally selected scenes and/or monologues. The teaching styles of both teachers differ but are totally compatible. Actors participate in every class. Prepared actors will do their scenes and/or monologues in every class and they will be videotaped at the end of each month.

Joshua Bitton and Don Bloomfield teach these on-going workshops utilizing a dynamic Meisner-based technique.

  • Limit 20 Students
  • Studio I, II and III tuition:
  • $405/425  for two months

Carolyne Barry Meisner Workshops


TBD September, 2014

The Meisner work expands an actors imagination – his or her greatest tool and grounds them in their partner which takes pressure off to “perform” allowing a performance to happen.

The workshop will teach actors:
 To explore his/her sense of truth
. Learn what has meaning for them (for use in connecting to anything) 
How to think and craft like an artist; furthering the actors’ ability to create specifically and truthfully
. This nine-month workshop focuses on an actor’s ability to listen, respond, and live truthfully in EVERY moment. It begins with the basic repetition exercise (the foundation of Sandy Meisner’s work that many have done in acting classes, but that most have never truly had the opportunity to explore). The exercises will build into intricate moment to moment scene work.

  • Limit 20 Students
  • $ 1995 for EACH nine month program (Payment plans available)
  • Joshua Bitton teaches

MEISNER TECHNIQUE - Six Week Summer Program

MONDAYS and THURSDAY,  Summer, 2015  w/Joshua Bitton (twice a week for 6 weeks)

7pm -11pm

Meisner work focuses on expanding the actor’s ability to listen, respond, and live truthfully in EVERY moment utilizing the basic repetition exercises (the foundation of Sandy Meisner’s ). The exercises will build into intricate moment to moment work.

  • Twenty Students
  • $505 for this twice a week, six week workshop
  • Joshua Biton teaches

ACTOR’S GYM - With Don Bloomfield

The Actors Gym designed by Don Bloomfield is a class for the actor to work out on their specific needs in lieu of following a more regimented “group agenda.” As such, each actor may decide to use his or her class time to focus on skills with auditioning, cold reading, character work in either monologues or scenes, or exercises that help with relaxation and emotional blocks. Each actor is in charge of his own “workout,” and is assured quality time and individual attention each class.

  • Limit 18 Students
  • $405 for two months