Carolyne Barry Acting Workshops


STARTS: WEDNESDAY,September, 2014

Donovan Scott teaches this specialized and innovative Comedy Workshop. It is a twelve week course, utilizing his original comedic exercises and specialized improv games and focusing on uncovering and developing each student’s inner “Clown” (a performance style and a personality view point). Working several times a night, actors will explore the numerous facets that makes each person uniquely funny. This is a class like no other and it’s usefulness extends beyond the obvious application to Television, Film and Stage work by giving each actor a better understanding of their comedic self and an insight into the world of comedy.


  • Maximum of Eighteen students
  • 4 hours per session
  • On-camera on twelfth night
  • $505 for this twelve session class

Carolyne Barry Comedy Workshops


Wednesdays April 10,  2013
Using improvisation games, Mr. Scott delves deep into comedy character development. The students will learn: who they are and what other people see as well as how to express their comic ideas through physicality and in-depth clown work.

Donovan will use Jacques Lacoqs six levels of play: Tragedy, Melodrama, Psychological Realism, Commedia dell’ Arte, Buffoon, Clown. (Clown is a word that he uses to describe a performance style and a personality and a way to interrupt a view point of life. All people have a unique way in which they view the world and that is there personal clown. A confirmation of your own inner clown is merely the portal to all clown possibilities thus giving you the understanding of how to play many different types of characters. Some of the categories of clowns he will explore will be Buffoon, Simple, Pathetic, and Tragic.)

After twelve weeks, the students will work on original materials, selected by the students and Mr. Scott. Then he will direct the students and create a 60-90 minute comedy show filled with sketches monologues stand-up routines and scenes, and/or one acts, all using the Comedy 1 and 2 techniques. The students will perform in front of an audience for 2 performances on two nights. The production will be video recorded with 3 cameras and a DVD copy of the full show will be given to each student.

Pre-requisite: Comedy Level 1 with Donovan Scott


  • Maximum of Eighteen students
  • 4 hours per session
  • $695 for 16 Sessions