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DEMYSTIFYING SOCIAL MEDIA: How to Build an Online Footprint to Increase Your Bookings or Business and Advance Your Career

TBA, 2017

Lisa Jey

In this two-day social media intensive, participants will learn how to promote their brand and take an active role in building their social media footprint (and, as a result, bookings or business) through the top social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, blogging and more). Taught by former publicist/blogger and best-selling/award-winning author Lisa Jey Davis, this workshop will take away the mystery of social media, and enable participants to build a solid, socially visible brand.

In this workshop, participants will hear solid testimonials:


  • Hear about the Etsy shop owner who streamlined her business plan to include a focused social media strategy, which resulted in an increase in followers of FIVE-FOLD! Not only that, based on things she learned through similar social media course-work, the shop owner was hired by a national clothing company as a stylist and content manager to handle photo shoots and create engaging content (including travel to fun places like Miami).
  • Learn how a Marrakech food tour business carved a niche and saw 100% of their sales and conversions come solely from Social Media and blogging, and how they went from $0 to 100,000 in revenue in the first year, with absolutely no advertising.
  • Hear how a prominent lifestyle brand’s sales grew exponentially after spending a concerted effort improving their Instagram feed. Find out how they’ve sold more licenses, made more connections and received more conversions than ever, because of an improved social media presence.


  • Learn how Lisa Jey Davis’ blogging and social media engagement resulted in invitations to audition for two national television shows (one as a prominent “mommy blogger” and one as a “ fitness enthusiast”).
  • Hear how one blogger/”Tweeter” created the most engagement on a video for a major car brand, and won a new car. This same influence also earned her countless perks like free clothing, payment for sponsored blog posts and much more!
  • Learn of one actress who was contacted by casting directors to audition for a new show after they saw her comments on twitter.

Learn a solid working-knowledge of how things work in Social Media, and how to make it work for them:

  • Learn the basic must-do’s and definite don’ts for each of the top social media platforms, and be given very useful “advanced” tips to help you post like a pro and see real results.
  • Gain insight into posting effective content that gets “seen.”
  • Get help setting up a professional/business profile on a top platform (such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram)or tweak your already existing profiles for maximum results.
  • Learn how to integrate your posts across platforms.
  • Learn how to utilize scheduling programs and apps to create around-the-clock presence.
  • Learn how to determine your audience and the best times to reach them.
  • The ins and outs of the top social media platforms, and which platforms are best for varying industries, results and purposes.
  • Learn tips for increasing followers and engagement.
  • Get a primer on sponsored posts (and determine if they’re for you).
  • Receive usable templates and documents including social media Editorial Calendar and schedule, and other useful tools.

This workshop is ideal for business owners, actors, hosts, speakers, authors, fitness professionals, YouTubers and anyone who wants to learn how to directly connect with their audience, clients, casting directors, producers and more… and increase their overall success!

  • 25 Students
  • Teacher: Lisa Jey Davis
  • Saturday & Sunday
  • $425 for this two-day workshop

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