Carolyne Barry Hosting Workshops


Tuesdays, May 20 or June 3, 2014


Hosting AwardIn this comprehensive workshop taught by Suzanne Sena and Shannon O’Dowd, you’ll develop hosting tools, learn audition skills and booking techniques. You will work on-camera at least twice a session then be able to take your video home to study. You will explore a range of host roles: entertainment reporter, talk show, live shopping and reality competition show host  ­– and discover which is the best fit for you.

In this Sena-series workshop you’ll develop the skills and expertise needed to confidently do well at auditions and book the jobs plus the knowledge to create your hosting career.

  • Instructors: Shannon O’Dowd:  Class 1 &  3-5, and Suzanne Sena: Teaches Class 2 and 6 .
  • 17 students
  • On-camera 3 1/2 workshop
  • 6 weeks
  • $ 450


Mondays, TBD, 2014

In this comprehensive workshop taught by Suzanne Sena, , you’ll work on audition skills and booking techniques . You will work on-camera at least twice a session then be able to take your video home to study. You will explore a range of host roles: Broadcasting-sports-casting, news, reporting, Interviewing/news junkets, round-table and banter.  You will be taught how to work with a teleprompter and the skills to professionally use it. Plus you will  get instruction on pictures, reels, agents and wardrobe for your hosting career.

  • Instructors: Suzanne Sena
  • 17 students
  • On-camera 3 1/2 workshop
  • Teleprompter Training
  • 4 weeks
  • $ 450

Level 3 HOSTING WORKSHOP Sena-Series ™

Building Skills & Business Savvy

Friday night, Saturday, Sunday and Monday night –  TBD 2014

This twenty–one hour (four day) on-camera Level 2 hosting class is available to students who have successfully completed the Sena-Series Level 1 and also those who previously have participated in the Level 2 hosting workshop. With an emphasis on advancing and sharpening hosting skills, the course will cover: Interviewing skills, the art of field shoots, stand-ups and working with a co-host This level 2 series will also focus on business aspects, including how to get work with or without an agent; resources, including lists and recommendations; and practical aspects of developing the reel that will further a hosting careers as well as the opportunity to review reels that land the agents/bookings/jobs

  • Instructors Suzanne Sena ( national news anchor and tv host )
  • 15 students
  • Teleprompter Work
  • The last session features an industry pro who will offer hosting industry information a well as review the students work.
  • $575 – payment plans available


Friday night 7pm-11pm
Saturday and Sunday 9am-5pm
Monday night 7-11pm

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Carolyne Barry Hosting Workshops


Creating Your Hosting Reel

Saturday, Sunday & Monday , TBD, 2014

Students who have completed a Sena-Series™ hosting workshop are invited to participate in this valuable three-day production/learning experience, specifically designed to provide footage for a hosting reel. Students will prepare, practice and shoot three segments each, two in the field and one in a studio setting.

DAY ONE: the first day is divided into two parts. In the morning, students will work with Suzanne to write and prepare the segments they want to shoot. The second half of the day will be practicing the reads, and discussing wardrobe.

DAY TWO: the second day of the retreat will be in the field. Suzanne will oversee and coach as each student has the opportunity to shoot two segments in the field – an on-location standup and an M.O.S. interview with a professional camera person.

DAY THREE: Suzanne will be will oversee and coach students in the studio as they shoot one segment, utilizing a choice of sets and a green screen.

  • Instructor Suzanne Sena
  • 15 students
  • $545 payment plans available

Carolyne Barry Hosting Workshops



Students with hosting reels who have completed Sena-Series™ workshops levels 1 and/or 2 are invited to present their reels and resumes to receive feedback from a panel of experts including a hosting agent, casting director, and infomercial producer or director. This is a rare opportunity to get in front of industry professionals, and receive feedback on reels, photos, resumes, image and branding. This is input and direction that could make a difference in a hosting career. Also those taking a with Suzanne (who do not have a Reel) are invited as non-participants to benefit from the feedback.

  • Host Suzanne Sena and a Hosting Agent, Casting Director and a Producer or Director
  • One evening
  • 20 students
  • $85 participants / $35 non-participants

Carolyne Barry Hosting Workshops


Suzanne passes to her students a passion and dedication to the art of hosting. She’s like none other in this town.
Amy Rogg , Student and Host

After taking Level 1 and 2 of the Sena Series Hosting Workshop, I booked a travel road-trip show! I credit Suzanne Sena with this booking; if it weren’t for the ad-libbing, pacing, presence, and technical skills Suzanne Sena taught me, I would not have been prepared to audition for such a program.
Natalia Fedner, Student, Actress and Host

Suzanne is the perfect mix of coach, businesswoman and cheerleader for her students and is nothing short of amazing. Her teleprompter training was an added bonus and priceless. I respect her and I am thankful that I was lucky enought to train with her. Bottom line, if you want to be a host, you must train with Suzanne. 100% worth it. 
Keltie Colleen, Student, Choreographer and Host

After one week of finishing Suzanne’s hosting workshop, I booked a job as host of lifestyle show in a Walmart industrial. I booked this job due to everything I learned in Suzanne’s workshop.
Ana Lilia, Student, Actress and Host

The word on the street is that your hosting classes are the place to be!
Hannah Lee-Rivera Actress

“I have represented 57 academy award winners and there is not even one who could not have benefitted from the work of Suzanne Sena.”
Michael Levine –Hollywood Publicists and Best Selling Author

“Thank you so much for being such a wonderful teacher. I truly have learned much more about hosting and felt this our class was more of a private coaching session. My last hosting class had almost 40 students, so I appreciated the smaller size and attention we each received. … I truly looked forward to your classes and preparing for them- it was the highlight of my week.” “… such a positive experience”
Diane Yoo – Student

“…this class has been invaluable.”
Brian Vestal – Student