The Carolyne Barry Workshops can come to your city and your actors can benefit from the professional and comprehensive training that could help to make the difference in their careers. Ms. Barry has been invited to do her one night and week-end workshops in Dallas, Houston, San Francisco, Detroit, Little Rock, New Orleans, and New York City.

Here are three generic formats which could easily be adapted to any curriculum:



To give as many actors as possible the vital and pertinent training necessary to do well at commercial auditions and how to map out a viable career being an actor in commercials.


  • An unlimited number of people can attend.
  • 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Master Workshop (one hour break for lunch)
  • There will be a comprehensive lecture with pictures and handouts
  • At random, people are selected and are worked with on camera as examples
  • A step by step technique on “how to” prepare for Commercial Auditions will be presented
  • There will be demonstrations, utilizing the actors attending, on how to audition for commercials that require one actor talking to the camera and commercials scenes that require two or three actors.
  • Tapes from actual casting sessions will be shown
  • The session will conclude with a Question and Answer session on commercial auditioning



To give actors the specifics and in as much detail, as time permits, techniques necessary to do well at commercial auditions. Plus, help them to map out a viable acting career doing commercials.


7:00 – 9:00 – Seminar

  • An unlimited number of people can attend
  • Questions and Answers on a career in the Television Commercial business , possibly with a top on-camera Agent (who can be included in the package or one from your area can be invited)
  • This session features a casting session
  • The students will get a good idea of what goes on and how, who and why actors are selected

10:00 – 1:30

  • A step by step technique on “how to” prepare for Commercial Auditions will be layed out
  • This workshop can take an unlimited amount of people
  • About ten to fifteen people, at random*, per 3 hour segment are used as examples and are worked with on camera

2:30 -5:30

  • Selected Students* work one-on-one, on-camera with Carolyne
  • This session will deal with commercial auditions where the actor auditions alone and talks to the camera

10:00 -2:00

  • Selected Students* work one-on-one, on-camera. This session will deal with commercial auditions where actors work in two person scenes.

3:00 – 4:30

  • Question and Answer session on commercial auditioning. Tapes from actual casting sessions will be shown.
  • * These ten to fifteen selected students can be specifically enrolled at a higher fee and the rest of the students can be auditiors at a lesser fee.



To work with each participant at their level and give them a basis by which to further their acting training. Plus, provide each participant insights and information needed to develop as an actor.


There will be four groups of 15 adults or kids. The make-up of each group will be determined by either age or ability. i.e. kids will be with kids, adult new actors will be with adult new actors, actors with experience and/or training will be with the same, etc.

There will be four teachers from Los Angeles:

  • IMPROV TEACHER ( who also works w/one of the top L.A.Casting Directors)
  • TWO COMMERCIAL TECHNIQUE TEACHERS (Top L.A. Teacher and working actresses)
  • ACTING / COLDREADING TEACHER (Working Actress and top L.A. Teacher)

6:00 – 7:15

Each student will be assigned a group and sent to a room where one of the four teachers will videotape them doing a commercial single and duo auditions.

7:30 – 9:45

All the students will assemble and there will be a Seminar and a questions and answers session with the four teachers covering:

  • Basic principles of acting and commercial auditioning
  • Rules and tricks for auditioning
  • Realistic expectations and expenses
  • The value of training
  • The kinds of training available
  • How to learn and the process of learning
  • What is talent?
  • The value of talent
  • Do you have talent and/or what it takes to work and be successful?





  • The groups (which started in on Friday night) will spend two hours with each of the four instructors
  • Each of the instructors, working on video, will teach their specialty but specifically for the age and/or level of each group


10:00 -12:00

  • Each group will be assigned to one of the instructors for a last workshop that will cover a higher level of training which will be determined by the instructors the night before

1:15 – 3:30

  • Final Session with original the (Friday night) instructor in their original groups
  • The actors will be directed in the first monologue and scenes they did in their first session
  • Then the first tapes will be compared with the final tapes
  • The students progress will be evaluated and recommendations will be made

4:00 – 5:00

  • Last Seminar
  • Reviewing week-end
  • Discussing Results
  • Questions and Answers


  • Reception and Goodbyes

Variations of these programs can easily be suited to individual needs. If you would like more information and/or would like to know the costs contact Carolyne Barry at Carolyne Barry Creative Ent. by phone (323)654-2212 or E-mail to