WEEKLY WORKOUTS  Sena-Series™ – ongoing

Frank MoranMondays, TBA, 2016 (7.00-9.00 pm)

Graduates of Hosting I or II are invited to keep up their practice by joining our Weekly Workouts. Host/Improviser Frank Moran takes the helm, fine-tuning banter skills, co-hosting skills, and auditioning skills. Students work on developing stronger ad-lib skills and are provided a choice of scripts in various genres, or students may bring material they want to work on (upcoming auditions, etc). Sena-Series founder Suzanne Sena and hosting coach Jonathan Sterritt step in on occasion, and students have the opportunity to work on co-hosting skills with these working professionals.

Students completing a course of Weekly Workouts are eligible for special “drop in” rates and discounts on private coaching.

  • Instructor: Frank Moran (click for more about Frank)
  • 10 students
  • 6 weeks (every Monday, with one make-up class allowed)
  • $350 for this 2-hour weekly workout

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